The thought of dancing can be intimidating but if you like music and like to move, check out our Sunday, 10 a.m. Latin dance fitness class! Get fit, have fun and dance!

What exactly is Latin Dance Fitness? What are the benefits?

Latin Dance Fitness or “X-treme Latin Dance,” is a class where you are taught authentic club style Latin dance steps. You learn about its movement and timing, while you are getting a cardio workout.

Aside from learning real dance steps and moves, the greatest benefit is that you will get an amazing cardio workout to authentic Latin music and you will not feel like is that you are working out! Well, you will feel the next morning 😉  

Tell us about your relationship with dance, what does it mean to you? 

I believe that music and dance are gifts from God. Dance has been one of my greatest teachers. Aside from prayer, I believe that dancing is the way that I connect with my soul and my divine Beloved. So, dancing means the world to me and is one of my most beloved spiritual practices. But when you are in my class my beliefs are mine and class is just all about you!!!!  

When did you start dancing and why you decided to become a professional dancer?

I started dancing in 1996 and became an instructor very shortly after that. I taught dance before I became a professional dancer. I didn’t “look like a dancer” and so my road to becoming a professional dancer was not without struggles and breaking down walls.  I don’t think I “decided” to be a professional dancer – I think I was born with that desire.

What’s your biggest joy when teaching a class?

My biggest joy when teaching is seeing the face of the person who “Gets It.” By getting it, I don’t necessarily mean they have perfected the step. I mean when the student realizes they can do it, it’s more a mental breakthrough than a physical one. But it’s amazing and so wonderful to see something feel accomplished.  

How is your class structured?

My class structure is very simply: we warm up, we laugh, we sweat and we work really hard, then we cool down!  The “we work hard” part is the one that is the most difficult to explain. Each class is different; we dance to Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Hip Hop and of course SALSA!!! We dance our hearts out and we incorporate exercise in-between.

What would you say to those who claim not to have rhythm or coordination?

To those who claim they don’t have rhythm or coordination my response is: of course you have it, you just haven’t found it!!!! It’s my job (my goal and intention) to help you find it. It may not look like mine but everyone has it!! It’s a gift we were all given.

What should people expect from your classes?

They should expect to exercise hard, form community, to laugh out loud, to sweat a lot, to learn about dance and themselves and “To Shake What Their Mama Gave Them!!”