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According to Sanford Health, your posture is essentially how your muscles and bones work together to keep your body upright. Your posture has a significant effect on how you use your body each day. And it matters more than you might think. Keep reading today’s Studio 108 blog to find out why and also for tips on how to improve your posture starting today.

Why Posture Is So Important

If you’ve ever slouched over your desk and felt pain in your lower back or sat hunched over your phone for hours on end and had a stiff neck, you’ve already felt the effects of poor posture. Having proper posture does everything from preventing pains in these muscles to enhancing your breathing and circulation while reducing abnormal wear and tear on your joints and bones.

Stand Up Straight

Your mother always told you to stand up straight. Turns out, there’s something to that after all. When you stand tall, your spine gets to rest in its most natural, neutral position. Standing up straight means your chin is parallel to the floor, as are your back and shoulders. This creates even weight distribution and reduces strain on your overall body. Plus, standing straight makes you look as tall as possible; if you don’t believe that matters, take a quick look online to learn more about celebrity heights and why we are so obsessed with them.

Yoga To The Rescue

If you’re already feeling the pains of poor posture, it’s time to put on your yoga pants and get acquainted with the downward dog. Yoga helps you stretch your body and be more mindful of how you sit, stand, and move. Yoga at Studio 108 is affordable and accessible to people with all types of fitness goals, improved posture included.

Visiting A Chiropractor Can Help

A chiropractor can help with issues related to chronic back pain by offering a customized treatment plan specific to whether your pain is caused by an injury, health condition, or simply poor posture. Your chiropractor can also give you tips and advice on how to maintain proper posture if you have injuries that might otherwise prevent this. Something important to keep in mind here is that your chiropractor will want to see your medical records. You can easily turn these into digitally manageable medical records with this PDF tool. Then, if you need to send them information from your previous healthcare providers, you can quickly and easily do so by pulling the pages you need, renaming them, and saving them to your phone or emailing them to your doctor’s office directly.

Working on computers each day is one of the primary reasons that people have poor posture. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you pay attention to how you sit, stand, and move, you can reduce stress on your muscles and joints and improve back pain. It’s not hard, and a combination of simple lifestyle changes, such as standing tall, doing yoga, visiting your chiropractor, and reducing stress in your life, all play a big role in your posture and pain.

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