Photos by Mary Moscarello. Banner image from Shutterstock After nine months of getting entertainment from at-home screens, we can all relate to the search for something new to watch. What’s your viewing style? Are you the person who can do the orderly and disciplined method of taking in an episode a night? If you do […]

A walk in the woods

By Mary Moscarello. To read all of Mary’s blog posts, click here. Photos: Mary Moscarello; Banner image by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash The term “forest bathing” has come into prominence in the casual lexicon recently. I’m talking like a couple of years ago recently. In researching for this piece, I noticed it got coverage in mainstream […]

Movement and emotional health

By Teresa Dornellas I recently started walking again. I used to take long walks around my neighborhood during the warmer months and I really enjoyed seeing the new blossoms during Spring and taking photos for my own pleasure. I also used to work in Manhattan and had to walk a lot to get to and […]