By Mary Moscarello


 Holding the pose in a static position will for sure engage the quads. Take the heels up to engage the calves as well.
In a power yoga class, Goddess pose can be done with dynamic movement, bending and straightening the legs or shifting from one side to another. Since the quadriceps are a very large muscle in proportion to the body, using them in this way will raise the heart rate and generate heat in the body.
Obviously, Goddess pose strengthens the legs. Depending on the arm position, it can also open the chest. The pose works to stretch the thighs and elongates the spine. Goddess Pose helps to warm and energize the whole body.

To properly warm up for Goddess pose, work to strengthen the inner thighs and upper back as well as the core. Then slowly work to open the hips with a series of standing postures such as Warrior Two, Triangle, and Extended Side Angle.
Celebrate the Goddess in you!