Photos by Mary Moscarello. To read more of Mary’s blog posts, visit her page here.

When one “binds” while practicing yoga, one connects or holds onto a part of the body with another part – hands bind, hand to foot, etc… It is intended to deepen the pose, allow the yogi to perhaps hold the asana longer, and relax into it.

Recently on a walk, I came to an intersection. A car approached and I knew the driver wanted to turn into the street I was about to cross. I had a feeling the driver would stop, but I didn’t step off the curb until we made eye contact. So it’s that connection that I was seeking.

Granted, that was a very superficial connection, but if I had ignored it or if it hadn’t been given. I might have been hit by a car. So that’s a very sobering thought about how important it is to connect with people.

Binds are not necessary in asana practice, but they can enhance it. 
Connections are not necessary in life, but they sure can enhance it.