If you think you’re too overweight, out of shape or not flexible enough for #yoga, think again. Yoga is easily scalable for all fitness levels as well as for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

At Studio 108 in #Lyndhurst, we’re especially proud of our varied classes, where the focus is on achieving optimal health and personal wellness. We focus on the individuals in each class, making adjustments where needed so everyone has a positive practice.

A quick search on Instagram shows just how popular #CurvyYoga is, with hundreds of women showing off their moves. “Every Body Yoga” author and self-proclaimed “yoga enthusiast and fat femme,” Jessamyn Stanley, has over 36,000 people following along with her on Instagram.

But she has said in numerous interviews that when she first started posting her moves, she got backlash because of her size. Instead of backing down, she powered through, proving to herself and haters that yoga fitness comes in all sizes.

Get your body on the right health track with the variety of classes at Studio 108. 

See the full schedule on the Studio 108 website. Email with questions. 

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