On Clarity

By Mary Moscarello. To read more of Mary’s work, click here. I meant my message to be clear.I’m pretty sure I saw the words as they tumbled from my mouth as I’d intended.All in the right order.Repeating myself, being redundant, I’ve often said this message to you.Sometimes – every time – daily, I don’t know […]

I breathe

By Mary Moscarello. To read more of Mary’s posts, click here. Featured image by Jan Huber on Unsplash Naked feet pad into the warm and darkened room SilentMovingI breathe Folded legs rest under my body in angles SilentStillI breathe Palms touch.Heart beats.Mind races, then quiets. SilentStillI breathe Stand up.Take space.Legs firm and rooted.Heart beats. SilentStillI breathe Arms lift […]