DK Dyson is well known to the yoga community and teaches Mixed Level Vinyasa every Monday at 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. (Pre-registration is required.)

1.     How did you get started with Yoga?
My older brother Jim Seitu Dyson, told me at 5 years old I was doing spontaneous yoga asana. He was a Master Martial Artist, rest his Dear Soul In Divine Peace.

 2.     What got you hooked?
Drugs were intentionally flooded into black neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Harlem and all over the inner cities to quell the Civil Rights Movement and the conscious awakening of the people. I saw the Brothas and Sistas in my hood, nodding out from H and the wild positions they nodded into, like Wheel, Arda Chandrasana, Uttanasana. And I would try these positions out on my own, and being crazy young I didn’t know it was the drugs (causing them to go into those positions).

Then when I was around 11 years old, my same older brother bought me “Light on Yoga” and I saw they were doing YOGA!! I then formally tried some poses in my bedroom and voila!! I connected the high feeling I got to yoga and the cats on the corner nodding in crazy poses they otherwise couldn’t do, to deep relaxation.

Breath, relaxation, and Asana = Natural High!!! I thereby passed through my whole life drug-free!! Thank you, Yoga. And may I say, Rest In Divine Peace to all those Souls who died from Drug ODs… 

3.     What’s one of your favorite poses/ moves and why?Headstand, Peacock, Handstand, Twists, Splits! I dig all poses now. Peacock and Handstand I practice against a wall. One day I’ll get Peacock away from the wall fo sho!! Why do I dig these? If I can overcome gravity I can overcome life’s difficulties and get high for free in the process! 

The poses that I once couldn’t stand, I need the most! Some my body says “Nah” … I listen when that happens. Nah it will be! 

I also like different poses for different seasons according to Aryuveda. Grounding for Vata, active vinyasa for Kapha and calming poses for Pitta. 

4.     What makes a private studio different/better than a yoga class at the gym?
The vibrations from chanting, service to a higher cause, deep love and caring can transform any place but a great Yoga studio is a safe haven from the madness of the world for me and the vibrations from chanting, service to others and deep love build over time. You can feel a good yoga studio’s Vibes instantly. Studio 108 has great vibes and it’s building more and more! 

5.     For someone who’s never tried yoga before, what are the main benefits they may gain from practicing it?Overcoming your own overpopulated and overrun with monkey mind!! Seeing that you ain’t all that and yet you absolutely ARE!!! The duplicity of hard pose, soft heart, sweet breath!! I owe my very life to yoga. My cogency, my Spirituality, my love for Life, my living!! 

6.     What styles of Yoga do you teach? Besides the style you teach, is there any other you enjoy? 

I love Vinyasa and yeah I know I teach that!! That’s my absolute fave! I also teach Restorative, Chair and Trauma Sensitive Yoga  (TSY) which mmmmm I ADORE teaching TSY!!  TSY is my Great Calling!  Now, personal practice? Restorative and  Vinyasa don’t even step to me with Kundalini–I turn violent Hahaha!!!

7.     Do you do anything else to stay in shape?
Bike, weights, trampoline, walk. I  take the NYC subway, see, that bad boy elevators don’t work sometimes there are millions of steps, see me bustin a move runnin for trains !!  

8.     Who inspires you to stay motivated? How often do you practice when you are not teaching?
My Husband, Daughter & Fur Loves ( my dogs) keep me motivated. The anger from so many different directions that the world pushes people into keeps me motivated to stay groovy into my yoga. All the serious teachers at Studio 108 keep me on my A game too. My Ancestors keep me deeply motivated to never stop, it AINT a option!  

I practice some form of yoga EVERY DAY! Physical, study, meditation, service to others, loving up on everybody ( Bhakti Yoga)

9.  How seriously do you take nutrition?
VERY!! Why spoil my Divine Temple w radiated, poisoned chemical imitation foodstuffs. Watermelon… just the thought… Lordy!!! Now that’s the MOVE in Summer!! Avocado toast right now made by my own hands, shoot, now we talkin!! Once I came back from my first trip to India, Brazil & Italy…key food wasn’t makin it no more!! 

10.  What’s an interesting fact about yourself that others may not know?
I ain’t tellin!! Ha! 

I am a singer and have taught my dogs how to sing and sing with dynamic’s ( varying volumes!!) I need to get a life!! 

11. Please tell us more about the class your teach at Studio 108.
It’s a Sacred Space my class, where you greet yourself with your total attention to what you can do TODAY not yesterday and the truth of your beauty. It’s a magical ride on your breath and an absolute challenge to your Spirit, Mind, and Body. Work hard and sink into the comfort of rest. Hip music, oils and if I’m feeling great, free massages at the end or beginning of classes!!