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Sunday, March 25th 2-4 PM: Journey Dance Experience with Inna Shapiro. Learn more and sign up under workshops.


Roberto’s gentle class moved to Wednesdays at 9 AM as of February 14th.

DK Dyson has added a second Mixed Level Vinyasa class, held every Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

As of March 6th, the fabulous and unforgettable Sandy Gola will start a new Chandra Luna Flow Yoga class every Tuesday at 7:45 PM. Visit our team page to read Sandy’s bio. See full description of this class below:

Many traditional cultures revere the moon as a manifestation of the divine feminine force in nature and the sun as a manifestation of the divine masculine. These force both reside within us, according to the teachings of Hatha yoga. Lunar (Chandra) energy is cool, receptive, and inwardly focused while solar (Surya) energy is warm, active, and outwardly oriented.

Through the practice of Hatha yoga, we strive to balance our lunar and solar energies. Yet most asana practices focus on the solar, emphasizing sun salutations and heating practices in the interest of physical fitness. 

If we could learn to stop and listen to the divine lunar force, we might hear her lovingly suggest we chill out before we burn out. Like a mother, the moon can teach us to be open to change, to slow down, and listen to our own needs.

Through Chandra Luna Flow Yoga, we will soften into our practice in a nurturing safe space, where sun and moon forces are brought into balance within us. The late evening class is the perfect time to prepare our bodies, minds and emotional being to begin our journey into sleep and dreams. 

About Our Studio

Studio 108 Yoga and Healing Center is a 1200 square foot studio in the heart of Lyndhurst, NJ. The space is fully renovated and remodeled: new floors, new ceiling, new reception, new bathrooms.

Our beautiful studio is filled with natural light, it’s airy, clean and relaxing. 

We offer different styles of Yoga, Mat Pilates, Dance, Meditation, Sound Healing, Holistic Healing, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, plus a variety of workshops in a safe, beautiful and warm environment.




Studio 108 – Current class prices:

New client special! 1 week unlimited:  $ 25.00*
New client special! 1 month unlimited:  $ 45.00*

*Only for new clients who have never been to the studio before.

Drop-in single class (Yoga, Pilates and Barre): $ 18.00

5-class package:  $ 81.00 ($ 16.20 per class – valid for  2 months)*
10-class package:  $ 150.00 ($ 15.00 per class – valid for 3 months)*
20-class package:  $ 280.00 ($ 14.00 per class  – valid for 5 months)*
50 class package:  $ 550.00 ($ 11.00 per class  – valid for 12 months)*

*5, 10, 20 and 50 class packages can be shared among couples

Monthly membership:  $ 140.00
Monthly family pass: $ 240.00 (for couples, parent and child or grandparent and grandchild; maximum 2 people sharing each package)

Monthly student (with ID) or senior (over 65):  $ 100.00

Private class:  $ 90.00
1 year pass: $ 1,440.00 ($ 120 billed monthly to your CC)


Journey Dance Experience with Inna Shapiro Sunday, March 25th, 2-4 PM $15 by March 24th; $20 the day of. Refreshments included.  This workshop will happen once a month, 4th Sunday of each month, from 2-4pm. At each event, we will explore a unique theme to a soundtrack of inspiring world music. Practice is open to all. March 25th theme will be “Plant a seed, open to the Potential” About JourneyDance™:


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