Show me someone who tries to predict what 2021 will be and I will show you a fool – and yet, I am trying to predict how I will behave in the coming year.

No longer a resolution-maker as the calendar moves from year to year, I shy away from this practice, taking instead a more practical and actionable approach to daily small shifts and habits that can be managed with precision and dedication. However, I understand the desire to assign goals to the blank slate a new year can provide. It is neat and tidy to compartmentalize this way. Our brains respond well to planning and somehow finding order in the unknown.

Last year around this time I shared how I playfully planned a party with my bonus father in law, Abelardo. Ah, such a simpler time! When I wrote the post, I admitted being on “family overload” from having  completed a whirlwind of gatherings (non-existent this year) and enjoying the hugs, meaningful conversation, and quality time that went along with it all. 

Of course we all notice the difference a year made. There was sadness and loss in 2020. I miss my dog, Bongo, terribly, every single day.

On my birthday, Bongo was a source of joy

It is still hard. But I’m focusing on noticing the good things.

Zoomas Eve 2020

2020 was a year of cancelled plans, however playfully made. We held Zoom graduations, virtual visits, screen enabled sharing of major life events. When we gathered, we wore masks. We met outside, weather permitting. We did the best we could.

Obviously, employing technology to make connections is flawed at best. But it does make it possible to connect in a more broad way. Distance prevents me from seeing far-flung family on the regular, but for a time – I hosted a weekly yoga session for my family and got to connect regularly with loved ones in other states and time zones even! 

Family Yoga 2020

On Christmas morning, I got to hear my father reading the Gospel.

Screenshot of Christmas Mass

My sisters and I connected – the four of us in one “room” for the first time in a really long time.

The Moscarello girls

I could go on and on about the ways in which I’m grateful to technology this year, my job, my family’s business, my ability to teach yoga in a virtual setting. 
However, I would be remiss if I didn’t honor those moments that needed none of that. 2020 brought an abundance of outdoor time. Many of us took advantage of that this year. The outdoors provided a safe place to gather, move and breathe fresh air.

My resolution is to notice.

To see when connection happens, despite obstacles.

To observe the effect of quality time spent outdoors.

Let 2021 be the year we all make it our business to connect with others whenever and however possible, safely – and do our best to incorporate a daily practice of being outdoors, no matter the weather. 

All good things to you in 2021.